I’m very proud to announce the debut publication of my friend and fellow author Megan Morales (whom I have interviewed here before, and doubtless will again!). She worked hard on this book to spread epilepsy awareness, and it’s quite cool to see that hard work all pay off! You can pre-order the Kindle edition of her book now.


My publish company sent me a link to my story! It is now available on the Kindle! Thank you everybody, for being so supportive of me and my dreams. Only five more days until the actual books arrive on my doorstep!


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Author: godofthunder85

I'm a published author and freelance editor who has a strong opinion on just about anything I have an opinion on... which is just about everything! I'm very non-PC, heavily into progressive politics, and stand up for what I believe in no matter what the cost or level of popularity. My published work is in the genres of horror, sci-fi, and pulp adventure. I'm a life-long comic book fan and a researcher of the paranormal.

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