My Support for All Innocent Victims of Terrorism – No Matter Where They Live

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I noticed many people are transposing a symbol of the French flag over their Facebook pics to show support for France in the wake of the horrible terrorist attack in Paris on 11/13/15 (yesterday, as I type these words). I share the sorrow for every innocent life lost; people like the rest of us 99 percenters elsewhere in the globe who are overwhelmingly decent (if flawed) people who simply want to live their lives and enjoy the short time we all have on this world in the company of the friends and family we cherish. Innocent people who generally have no interest in war of any sort, and are most certainly not the beneficiaries of it (even though they are the ones who are always expected to take up arms on behalf of the handful who start the wars, but that is a whole other topic for many other blogs).
You will notice, however, that instead of putting up a flag specifically in support of France at the top of this blog, or on my Facebook display, I instead put up a general symbol for peace. Why? Because the innocent victims in the French firestorm the other day were the latest innocent victims in a “war on terror” begun by Western imperialist policies, and these victims are by no means limited to citizens of Western nations.

Countless innocent people just like the French victims have died in Middle Eastern nations when Western-controlled drone planes dropped cluster bombs in their vicinity, or were caught in the crossfire by Western soldiers ordered to shoot and kill national insurgents opposing what they consider an unwarranted foreign occupation who were unjustly lumped in with real terrorists by the Western governments and their corporate-controlled media. Or killed in the crossfire of weapons by true Middle Eastern terrorists–fanatics who target innocents–who are often using weapons purchased by American and other Western munitions companies which are profiting from this perpetual war, no matter which “side” is winning; these companies are more than happy to supply all  sides of a conflict if it makes a buck for their stockholders and executives.

That’s nothing personal against anyone, of course. It’s just business as usual in a global capitalist system that puts profit above any ideology (or where making the most profit at almost any conceivable cost is  the main ideology, and the only point of just about any type of endeavor).

Now before I go on a tangent about this (and damn am I tempted, as usual!) I’m going to stop there and get back to this main point: I do not  consider Western victims of terrorist attacks as the only  victims worth mourning over. I mourn the loss of their priceless lives, and share the sorrow of their families and friends. But I likewise show sorrow and mourning for the innocent people of every nation in the world who are suffering from this never-ending “war on terror.” Further, I oppose the policies of any  government on the planet which results in the creation of terrorist organizations or authorized military (or mercenary) task forces that routinely target or kill any innocent people; and this regardless of what territory they live under, what flags they see floating above their heads, what religion they practice, what color their skin or their ethnic background happens to be, etc.

And this is whether they are deliberately targeted for death just to make a political “message,” or dismissed as “collateral damage” who were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, or either Western soldiers ordered to occupy another nation or nationalists opposing the foreign occupation of their nation. All of these victims, no matter their country of origin, are equally worthy of mourning, and equally deserving of a peaceful environment of security in which to live and enjoy the short but wondrously rich lives that nature allows us.

I don’t want to see another innocent person in France, or the United States, or Iraq, or Afghanistan, or Syria, or Israel–or anywhere else in the world–have to suffer needlessly due to the greedy and short-sighted few, whether that handful is comprised of executives in a board room looking out for the “bottom line,” or politicians in a war room planning the acquisition of new territory, or extremely brutal and misguided armed gangs looking for revenge… with none who comprise these three groups caring who may get caught in the crossfire.

Let’s also take the time to remember that a desire for revenge is at the heart of any sort of terrorism, as is the de-valuation of any general group of people. Let’s not call for revenge but for justice, and call for the wisdom to know the difference between the two. If we don’t, more innocents will invariably pay the price for our hubris.

Hence, the symbol I chose for this blog and my Facebook display, to show my unity, sympathy, and support for all innocent people who suffer from terrorist attacks, and to avoid giving the implication that I reserve that support for Western victims only.


Author: godofthunder85

I'm a published author and freelance editor who has a strong opinion on just about anything I have an opinion on... which is just about everything! I'm very non-PC, heavily into progressive politics, and stand up for what I believe in no matter what the cost or level of popularity. My published work is in the genres of horror, sci-fi, and pulp adventure. I'm a life-long comic book fan and a researcher of the paranormal.

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