Spotlight on… Trish Heinrich’s Urban Fantasy Novel SERPENT’S SACRIFICE

Serpent's Sacrifice - Trish Heinrich_cover

This blog is proud to announce that for the rest of the week following Christmas 2017, Trish Heinrich’s masked vigilante novel Serpent’s Sacrifice, the first book in The Vigilantes series that combines urban fantasy, dark villainy, sometimes equally dark heroism, and romance into a stirring brew of action and suspense is being offered in digital format for free. It’s brought to you by publisher Beautiful Fire, a term that aptly describes Alice, the book’s tough protagonist who takes up the titular mantle of Jet City’s feared multi-generational costumed vigilante in the 1950s, an era where women were still expected to be homemakers, not costumed crusaders against nightmarish criminal madmen.

This novel already garnered many rave reviews since its release early last October, as fans have already described it as, “a swanky, action-packed superhero novel!” And I must say I totally love the word “swanky”! You can’t go wrong with a book given an adjective like that. Nor with anything written by Trish, who is one of the chief purveyors of street level hero prose in the current market.

Other fans have given the book equal praise, referring to it as, “A thrilling action, love story” and “an amazing debut novel”!

It’s a book more than worth a couple of your hard-earned dollars, but as I mentioned before, the digital version for Kindle is free until January 1st 2018! Yes, you read that right the first time, and you just read it right again! Moreover, for those with a subscription to Kindle Unlimited, you can rent it for free and keep it in your Kindle library until you’re finished reading it. Do not plan on being able to put it down until you do!

So, if you’re a fan of the urban vigilante genre, or interested in taking a dramatic dive into the genre for the first time, you cannot go wrong with this offer! You have nothing to lose, and considering Trish’s recognized talent as an author, it will be one of the best introductions to either The Vigilantes series (for long-time genre fans) or to the genre itself (by those simply curious about what the genre may have to offer their reading palette). The second book in the series, Serpent’s Rise, is already on sale, and this is your risk-free opportunity to get in on the beginning of the saga. And you can get it free right here until the end of the month.


Author: godofthunder85

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